The Ag Tie Specialists

We are specialists in Agricultural Occupancy Conditions and can offer a complete planning service to Remove or Regularise an Occupancy Condition, Vary a Condition or apply for a New Rural Dwelling.

Gateway Planning Consultants specialise in all matters relating to Agricultural Ties and Occupancy Conditions.

Agricultural Ties or Occupancy Conditions are a complex area and dealing with them requires an in depth knowledge of case law, planning legislation and planning policy. We have extensive experience and an excellent track record and are often called upon to advise where other agents have failed or where there seems to be no other option.

There are very few planning consultants that specialise solely in Ag Ties and we believe that this enables us to offer a very specific and very effective service, so if you are looking to remove an occupancy condition, regularise unlawful occupation, vary your tie, are facing enforcement action or are looking to build a new dwelling for a rural enterprise, we can help.

Based in the Midlands we offer a reliable, efficient and professional planning service throughout England.


If you are hoping to get an agricultural tie removed from your property, then we would definitely recommend Abigail at Gateway Planning.

In 1992 our parents bought a property which had a tie on it and over the years everyone always told them that they would never manage to get it removed. We went to the Planning Dept a few years ago and were indeed told it would never be lifted.

When our father’s health deteriorated and we needed to sell the cottage, we realised that the tie was not only going to seriously limit the number of prospective buyers, but also reduce the market value. We therefore enlisted Abigail`s help. She came to inspect the property, took some accurate measurements and spotted a technicality which she believed would invalidate the original planning permission which imposed the tie. She applied to the Council on our behalf and we received a favourable answer within a few weeks! Thanks to Abigail’s knowledge and experience we were able to sell the property for 25% more than it had been valued at with the tie. We didn’t have to do anything ourselves; Abi is very efficient and we were delighted with the result she obtained!


We feel the advice you have given us is highly informed and clearly presented, whilst being concise enough to aid people like us who are not fully aware of the intricacies changing face of planning in the UK. It is a real help with our decision making on our project and certainly helps us to plan the next steps. It has been a pleasure to work with and we would definitely use your services again.


As the owners of an Ag Tied property we were looking to sell and were aware that the Ag Tie would restrict buyers and depress the value. We thought the only option to remove the Tie was to market the property for sale for 12 months. However this was not the case and we had the Tie removed in 3 months without ever offering the property for sale.

It was a stressful situation as a homeowner and Abi was able to guide us through the whole process with sense and calm.  With immense knowledge and unparalleled experience she could answer all our queries and then put forwards her case with logic and acumen.  I could not fault her approach to either myself or the governing bodies, she acted throughout with professionalism and thoughtfulness.

She is the countrywide expert in her field and this was shown by the positive result we achieved. I am in no doubt that if we had used any other company we would not have accomplished our goal.


Thank you very much for all your hard work in getting the agricultural tie off my mother’s bungalow which resulted in a very successful sale. I wish you all the best in your business.



What is an Ag Tie?

What is an Ag Tie?

An Ag Tie, Agricultural Occupancy Condition (AOC) or Ag Tag is a planning condition applied when planning permission is granted for a new dwelling in the open countryside. Whilst the most common planning conditions restrict what you can do on a site or require you to...

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Regularise or remove

Regularise or remove

When people talk about removing an Ag Tie they often get confused between regularisation and removal. They are actually two very different methods of dealing with an Ag Tie with a couple of fundamental differences. REGULARISATION Under section 191 of the Town and...

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How do you find out if a property has an Ag Tie?

How do you find out if a property has an Ag Tie?

Agricultural Ties or Agricultural Occupancy Conditions are planning conditions placed on properties which are given consent to be built in the open countryside where planning permission would not normally be granted. The wording of these conditions commonly states:...

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