Gateway Planning Consultants have successfully removed another Ag Tie from a detached farmhouse on the Worcestershire / Warwickshire border.

Previous attempts had been made to remove the Ag Tie or Agricultural Occupancy Condition, but none had been successful and indeed the Local Authority had told the owners that without marketing the property for sale for a minimum of 12 months and proving that there was no need for the Ag Tie, then they would not be able to remove it.

Gateway Planning Consultants proved this was not the case and removed the Ag Tie in 10 weeks and at no point was the property offered for sale or rent. In fact rather than remove the Ag Tie, it was proved that it had never been applied to the property in the first place.

The outcome for the clients is that the property is now not only free of the Ag Tie, but benefits from its full permitted development rights and can be extended as a regular residential dwelling and sold at full market value. As the clients intend to obtain planning permission for an extension prior to selling, this is a very successful outcome all round.

For further information on removing your Ag Tie without marketing the property for sale please contact us on 07410 759875 or email